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Télécharger le pdf "Article EJA 2014 CIRAD" , Paper "Coupling a sugarcane crop model with the remotely sensed time series of fIPAR to optimise the yield estimation” published by CIRAD in the n° 61 issue (...)

Télécharger le pdf "Article RS 2014 CIRAD" , Paper "Toward a satellite-based system of sugarcane yield estimation and forecasting in smallholder farming conditions: a case study on Reunion Island” (...)

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The Kalideos Isle-Réunion database currently includes:

- Spot 1 to Spot 5 satellite images, thus gathering an archive of data from the same sensor family, spreading over a 20 year interval and without any comparison for the analysis of the changes of the island territory;

- Formosat-2 optical satellite images, enabling to zoom in on some parts of the island to study more specifically a few thematic issues.

The database also incorporates airborne images collected during a campaign carried out with the CASI hyperspectral sensor. It will be soon enhanced with TerraSAR-X radar satellite images.

Moreover, ancillary data, made available by the scientific partners in the form of maps or field measurements, can also be accessed.

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Acceptance of Kalideos databases access conditions

The Kalideos databases are reserved exclusively for purely scientific use, whatever the country of origin of the person who requests an access to them. They are aimed at research and development activities focused on the development of new applications or at initiatives intended for demonstrating the potential of spatial data for a specific field.

The documentation (scientific papers, project reports, thesis...) resulting from the work carried out using the content of the Kalideos databases must make specific reference to the origin of the data.

An electronic copy of these documents must be sent to CNES to the following address within 3 years from the date of database access:
Arnaud SELLE / Stéphane MAY
Centre Spatial de Toulouse
18, avenue Édouard Belin
31401 Toulouse Cedex 09 - France