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Télécharger le pdf "Article EJA 2014 CIRAD" , Paper "Coupling a sugarcane crop model with the remotely sensed time series of fIPAR to optimise the yield estimation” published by CIRAD in the n° 61 issue (...)

Télécharger le pdf "Article RS 2014 CIRAD" , Paper "Toward a satellite-based system of sugarcane yield estimation and forecasting in smallholder farming conditions: a case study on Reunion Island” (...)

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Observing and monitoring coastal areas actually include quite diverse study topics. A number of research organisations therefore make the most of the content of the Kalideos Littoral database in many directions, more particularly:

- Channel mapping at the entrance of the Arcachon basin,

- The Aquitaine Coast Observatory,

- Grass beds thematic mapping within the Arcachon basin.

More details about the works related to these applications, the scientific teams who have carried them out and the achieved results are available in the section dedicated to each of these topics.